The Tulsa Voice: “Inventive Restraint”



The moment you walk into Oren—Chef Matthew Amberg’s progressive Brookside eatery—there is an appreciable lack of ostentation. Absent from the dining room are the chintzy gimmicks that too often adorn the walls of restaurants designed to trend. While mood and appetite are easily manipulated by vibrant colors, art, photography, music, and even TVs, Oren eschews unnecessary distractions in order to keep the focus on what you (and your senses) arrived for—the food.

Basking in minimalism, Oren’s dining room is a blank slate of confidence. The color scheme is overwhelmingly white and the walls are mostly bare. In keeping up with appearances, the menu has also been judiciously scaled back. At a mere three pages, the selection of food and drinks can be perused without causing option paralysis or eyestrain.